Starmon-5: Operational specifics

Starmon-5 : Topology and allowed gate set

Each of the quantum processors has a specific topology (the way the qubits are connected) and a specific allowed gate set (supported qubit operations).

Starmon-5 has five qubits connected in a X-shaped configuration. q2 is the central qubit and is connected to every other qubit. All other qubits (q0, q1, q3, q4) couple to q2 only. You can execute the following single- and two-qubit gates on this system (native operations are given in bold, other operations are decomposed using specific decomposition rules for this quantum processor):

  • Single-qubit operations
    • X, Y, Z, I
    • Rx(angle), Ry(angle), Rz(angle)
    • X90, Y90, mX90, mY90
    • H
    • S, Sdag, T, Tdag
  • Two-qubit operations
    • CZ, CNOT, SWAP
  • All measure commands
    • measure_z, measure, measure_all, measure_x, measure_y
  • Prep/initialization commands
    • prep_z, prep_y, prep_x

More specific, the following operations and commands are not allowed

  • CR, CRk
  • Display
  • Display_binary
  • Not
  • Binary controlled operations c-
  • Toffoli*

Gate decomposition and execution

Non-native gate operations are decomposed, see also the fact sheet for Starmon-5.