Ry Gate

The Ry gate is one of the Rotation operators. The Ry gate is a single-qubit rotation through angle θ\theta (radians) around the y-axis.

 Ry(θ)=(cos(θ2)sin(θ2)sin(θ2)cos(θ2))\ R_y\left ( \theta \right ) = \begin{pmatrix} \cos \left ( \frac{\theta}{2} \right ) & - \sin \left ( \frac{\theta}{2} \right) \ \sin \left ( \frac{\theta}{2} \right) & \cos \left ( \frac{\theta}{2} \right ) \end{pmatrix}

The angle of rotation must be specified in radians and can be positive or negative.

          version 1.0
qubits 2
H q[0] # execute Hadamard gate on qubit 0
Ry q[0],1.78 # Rotation of 1.78 radians around the y-axis on qubit 0